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Would you like to advertise with us? We offer multiple opportunities and methods for ads.

Advertise on This Site

This site has ranged from getting per day page views from 5,000 (on the low-end) to 80,000+ (on the extreme end). 2011 has seen the site's popularity literally explode out of the gate. General ads running on the site have to do with planning vacations (aka holidays). The best time of year to get in on the advertising is in the first and last months of each year, as this is when most people are doing their holiday planning.

We offer advertising placements in couple of ways:

Google's AdSense

This site (obviously) does targeted ads using Google's AdSense. Go there to get into the fold of Google's AdSense program and broadcast your ads to bajillions of sites (this one included).

Custom Advertising Options

I'm willing to entertain any reasonable offer for advertisements on the site. I'll implement custom advertising logic especially for you. This means that you have the flexibility of advertising on any combination of the following:

  • Every page
  • Every page for a specific country
  • A special day (surprise your loved one by adding your anniversary, their birthday, etc!)
  • A holiday (St. Valentine's Day is a huge flowers + gifts holiday; summer holidays mean travel, etc!)
  • On the Google Widget

Your advertising opportunities range from taking over any specific advertising location (and maybe the neighboring spots to get better attention) to implementing special displays. One of my big ad performers was for an ad that was in plain red text after the calendar.

Advertise on a Certain Date

Celebrate lovey's anniversary or birthday or special event by letting the world know about it on our holiday calendar. You pick the date (or dates) and how many months that you would like it to be displayed for. Payment is securely handled through PayPal, just contact me for more information. The current rate is $4.99 per calendar date that you wish to advertise on per month that you would like to run the advertisement.

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